A Wayland Compositor

About hikari

hikari [ja. Light] is a stacking Wayland compositor which is actively developed on FreeBSD but also supports Linux.


  • Minimalistic Look & Feel
  • Stacking/Tiling hybrid view management
  • Configurable tiling capability
  • Modal interface
  • Arbitrary view grouping
  • View marks
  • Keyboard oriented
  • UCL configuration


hikari is based on wlroots and has optional support for some of its protocols which are needed for certain programs to run.


Some platforms offer hikari packages for automated installation. Feel free to add support for your preferred platform as well.

Video demonstration

If you are new to hikari this informal screencast might help you getting started. It explains some of the concepts behind hikari as well as a couple of common workflows. screencast


The hikari community aims to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone, this is why we chose to adhere to the Geekfeminism Code of Conduct.

If you care to be a part of our community, please join our Matrix chat at

Matrix enables us to directly exchange patches, share screenshots and supports markdown which allows us to post well formatted code snippets.

You might also want to consider to subscribe to our mailing list by sending a mail to


hikari is developed using darcs. If you are unfamiliar with using darcs you might want to take a look at our darcs book. To follow development you can clone the repository which is the set up agreed upon patches that are going to go into the next version. This may contain breaking changes since the last official release so you might have to adjust your configuration. Breaking changes are documented in the UPDATING file in the repository, this should be consulted before updating to a newer build.

Patches can be submitted and discussed via our mailing list and/or Matrix chat.

Why darcs though?

If you want to track current development on Arch Linux using the AUR, there is a package for that.